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ReMake Castlegate

We are very please to announce that we have appointed Sheffield based artist Simon Le Ruez to work on ReMake Castlegate our partnership project with the School of Architecture as part of the Festival of the Mind.   

The Project Team also comprises Rachael Dodd Programme Manager Yorkshrie Artspace, artists Clare McCormack, Anne-Marie Atkinson , a number of architecture students and recent graduates along with School of Architecture academic staff Carolyn Butterworth and Leo Care.  

ReMake Castlegate @ Exchange Place Studios 

18-28 September, Weekdays 11am-2pm, Weekends 11am-4pm.  FREE please drop in.

ReMake Castelgate is a project about Castlegate…in Castlegate, It will accumulate over the 10 days of the Festival of the Mind and will be produced by many makers – artists, architects, visitors to the Festival and the people who live and work in Castlegate.

Castlegate is changing rapidly. The markets have closed and are soon to be demolished, revealing the Castle and making way for a new city quarter. ReMake Castlegate is a project that will engage directly with the people that this transition will effect, the people who live and work in Castlegate and its surrounding neighbourhoods, and also attracting a wider audience interested in the transformation of this area of the city.

In Yorkshire Artspace’s Exchange Studios we will install a 1:200 base map stretching from The Wicker to the High Street, with Castlegate at its centre. Through the course of the Festival we will work with people to make scale models of the buildings on the map, while collecting stories, memories and opinions about the area.

The models will accumulate in many different materials; perhaps a day-glo Park Hill, the ghost of Castle Market or a 3D printed Megatron. Castlegate, and the city around, will be remade by many hands and reveal its diversity, idiosyncrasies and rich layers of meaning. 

The model will be open to the public throughout the Festival and, through making a new Castlegate with people, we hope to capture what has been lost, what is there now and what might be…

We see this project becoming instrumental in visualising possible futures for Castlegate that are created, debated and shared by many people; local citizens, artists and academics. The model of this vision will remain in Castlegate and the project will initiate creative processes that will continue well after the Festival ends.