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Parson X Exchange

There is no time to hang about in a 6 week Live Project period and following a period of local exploration, consultation, temporarily moving into an office unit at SOAR Works and talking at length with Ian Drayton, SOAR and Rachael Dodd, Yorkshire Artspace the team have arrived at the following 'proposition' at the half way point... 

Parson X Exchange is a community network for exchanging designs, ideas and drawings for continued regeneration of Parson Cross. All the ideas and proposals are being generated among the local community groups and are presented online and at the Parson X Exchange in SOAR Works.  A series of events/activities will capture opinions about;  What could SOAR Works offer the community? How can it and the Learning Zone integrate into the local area?

Following the recent building work and consultation the team hope to explore the future potential of SOAR Works, the Learning Zone and the Parson Cross community.  They hope to see Parson X Exchange as a network which will spark community ideas.  

Feel free to go and have a look, a chat or add some ideas of your own - they will be at SOAR Works until 1st November and then be presenting/sharing the results at our Open Studios event on Saturday 17th November.  

Click here to find out more about Sheffield University, School of Architecture: Live Projects.