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John Brokenshire: Scarecrows & Wolves

4th - 27th Oct

Mon, Tues, Weds and Fri 9:30am-4 pm, Thurs 1pm-4pm, Sat and Sun 11am-4pm


Exchange Place Studios

'Scarecrows and Wolves: Manet to Me to You' is a cycle of paintings made by John Brokenshire over 12 years from 2007 onwards.

Kickstarted by homages to 19th century paintings, the sequence kept changing- first from tight to free interpretation of Manet’s great art, to scarecrows and wolves leading on to recumbent figures, dream visitors and to motifs of wildness and expanse. The human figure stretched out on the ground, may carry associations with death and sleep, transience and reverie.

Somewhere there is the infinite space of the human mind and our power to travel in imagination and to connect. Final phase abstract pieces take the figure away - the figure is now implicit, there but not there, but a shadow - a deep shadow falling on moss falling on water, or a memory of a footprint or just a starlight spark.

This show will also offer audience response in the form of post-its that may be drawn or sketched and assembled on storyboards to accumulate. In this way the story from the emperor Maximllian to Manet to me to you may roll on.

Open evening: Friday 4th Oct 5-7.30 pm.