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Jewellery Day

As part of Galvanize Sheffield 2013 we hosted our first ever selling fair in the Atrium of the wonderful Persistence Works Studios.

18th May Jewellery Day, showcased the work of 22 Designer Jewellers from around the UK.

All work was for sale with prices starting at £15.  

Participating Jewellers:

Drew Markou  \ Kirsty Pearson   \  Zoe Watts  \  Jennie Gill  \  Colette Bishop  \  Chiara Bet  \  Cathy Sutherland  \  Yiyi Li  \  Chan Zhao  \  Amy Logan  \  Jessica Briggs  \  Lauren Squires  \  Chris Boland  \  Katherine Lees  \  Fay Jenkinson  \  Laura Lou Kennedy  \  Emma Swailes  \  Sally Ratcliffe  \  Adele Taylor  \  Rebecca Kitching \ Sarah Pasley \ Rebecca Joselyn

We had around 400 visitors who bought £3300 worth of jewellery - a fantastic achievement.

This is what our visitors said:

Great artists, wonderful designs, would like to see more! Ms VT

Very good exhibition, inspiring. Lots of creativity and good skills. I enjoyed it very much. Prices very affordable. Good work to the organisers and artists. Ms EO

The exhibition is very nice, a lot of creativity! I didn’t know about this place and it is great. I am going to keep coming here. Congratulations to all the artists. Gloria Very friendly – easy to talk to jewellers. Ms SP

Very innovative designs and good cross section. Mrs AR

Fabulous snapshot of the creativity in jewellery. Loved it. Sarah Catterall Very inspiring to look at the work, also really enjoyed meeting the artists. Ms FT

It’s a really good idea to bring everything together like this. Great shopping opportunity. Rebecca Teale Really enjoyable event. Good size, so could see everything and talk to all the jewellers.  Ms LB

Excellent – very interesting designs and use of materials. Original and non-high street. Pete Davis More sitting/networking space Mandy Wilson Interesting collection of beautiful jewellery.  Mrs MO

Excellent selection of local makers – good range of specialisms and materials. Lovely to see recent graduates exhibiting – information on how + when to apply for future events would be great. Events such as this throughout the year would be great.  Ms JF

This is what our jewellers had to say:

I thought it went well, thank you for organizing it. It had a nice feel to it I thought. There was a great selection of makers there and the visitors where very engaged with the work and willing to buy. I'd love to do it again.

I just wanted to say thank for giving me the opportunity to be part of the Jewellery day event. I think it was well organized and a good sized event. It was nice that it was focused on a specific type of craft yet so much variety. The people who came to look around were definitely there to make a purchase which is good for the first year the event has run. Possibly you could do other events similar through the year  as well as jewellery?  

I for one would love to do more of these as I think the more we do the more popular it would become.

I would happily take part in another jewellery day, next year.