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Introducing Sarah Pasley

Silversmith Sarah Pasley, originally from Peterborough but now happily settled in Dronfield

studied BA (Hons) Metalwork and Jewellery at Sheffield Hallam University and graduated in 2012

I make shiny things ... I get my inspiration from the world around us. Initial explorations had roots within nature but more lately have been rooted within man-made constructs, both abstract and tangible”. In the conception of her final graduation collection Sarah took inspiration from mass media and collective response to recent and well documented events within the financial sector that have affected everyone. The collection alludes to this through visual appeal, subject and function.  In this collection I aim to prompt dialogue about greed, value and decadence, and foster some inner questions regarding the nature of cutlery, silverware and excess”.

Sarah’s ultimate ambition is to have her work accepted for the V&A contemporary silverware collection. A piece of her work from her recent final Graduation Project called ‘Eyes Bigger Than Your Belly’ (pictured) will be displayed at Sheffield Hallam's Brightest Spark Exhibition.  

Sarah will be based in Studio 10 at Persistence Works Studios

(photography by Simon Quinn & Dave Ball courtesy of Sheffield Hallam University)