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INTRODUCING - our new starter studio ceramicist KATE LANGRISH SMITH

We are pleased to introduce our new cohort of starter studio holders who will be beginning their two year programme here at Yorkshire Artspace in October. This is a very exciting time here as six new artists get settled in and find their way around their new studios and equipment.

Kate completed her BA in Art and Visual Culture in 2006 and MA in Fashion Artefact at London College of Fashion. Her work strikes a balance between fashion and art and has been exhibited internationally. She has undertaken residencies in Switzerland and Taiwan, and her MA pieces are currently being shown in Sweden.

We asked Kate to introduce herself and tell us a bit more about the direction her work might take while here at Yorkshire Artspace. Read on to find out more.

How did you hear about the Starter Studio Programme?

I heard about the Ceramics Starter Program by word of mouth from a friend who lives in Sheffield. I also applied last year but was unsuccessful, so though I would give it another try this year! And thankfully my application was accepted.

What made you want to apply?

I was interested in the course as it offers a fully equipped studio space. It was the opportunity of being able to create and continue to play with the medium of ceramic and therefore develop my practice, both theoretically, practically and commercially with the support offered by Yorkshire Artspace that appealed so much.

Can you describe your practice?

Slipping between the notions of fashion and art my practice crosses disciplines: contemporary fashion, ceramics and sculpture. Using a mixed media approach including casting and mould-making techniques in ceramic and synthetic compounds, textiles, painting and compositional arrangements. My practice explores the notion of object, worth and desire, with an instinctive approach to display that uses a continued theme of balance and gravity. I am interested in ways and means of display - the body as a plinth - and the intimate relationship that certain objects share with the body. I am continuing to explore this concept through clay, a body in itself that has for centuries had an intimate relationship with our bodies through its various carrying and storage uses.

What are you looking forward to most about joining the programme/moving to Sheffield?

I am looking forward to the sense of community that Sheffield and also the Yorkshire Artspace program offers. I am also very excited to be able to work in a studio for the next two years and to develop and hone my practice - both commercially and conceptually, with the support offered by the Yorkshire Artspace and the mentoring. As well as being a part of the community of practice that naturally occurs due to working in a shared studio environment.

Where can people see your work?

You can see selection of my work on my website, which also has links to my Instagram and Pinterest accounts.

I currently have work showing at the Kalmar Konst Museum in Kalmar, Sweden, which is part of touring exhibition called ‘Transfashional’ exploring experimental fashion in the context of contemporary art.

I have also just had work exhibited as part of DesignVe – a series of Biennale design walks though Venice during the opening of the Venice Architecture Biennale 2018.