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Introducing Hannah Staniforth

How did you hear about the starter studio programme?

I heard about the starter program through Anna-Mercedes Wear. I follow her on Facebook and saw that Yorkshire Artspace had openings for Ceramic starters. As I was just about to finish my degree at University I thought I would apply, and coming from Sheffield it was in a great location for me too.

What made you want to apply?

I wanted to apply so I could further my practice and give being a professional ceramicist a go. I am keen to make the most of these opportunities after just having finished my degree.

Can you describe your practise?

My work is predominantly thrown on a potters wheel in a variety of clays; smooth black clay, white stoneware & white earthenware. My most recent work was made using smooth black clay and mono printing onto the clay with white slips. The marks I made on the clay were all about movement and I noted the exact time these lines were made by embossing the time into the surface of the clay. I also enjoy making personal work by using old family photographs and local Sheffield/Yorkshire dialect; I like the way you can look at the faces and imagine them saying the phrases I have used, such as 'Nah Then' & 'Ey Up Love'.

Where can people see your work?

People can see my work on my Facebook PageInstagramTwitter.