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Introducing Elizabeth Handforth

How did you hear about the Starter Studio Programme?

I have been aware of the programme for some time and followed the progress of others with great interest. I have admired their creativity and individuality.

What made you want to apply?

I dreamt of having a place even before I began on my degree course; it is such a perfect way by which to learn to take the steps necessary for becoming a viable designer/maker. I can see in the work created by my forebears that the programme places great value upon quality craftsmanship and developing individual creative identity.

Can you describe your practice?

I am currently very excited by exploring the possibilities that the process of press forming metal affords, and I want to try and push these boundaries as far as possible. My results so far are often sculptural and I am very interested in the resultant changes in surface texture. I also enjoy fusing metals.

Where can people see your work? 

People can see my work on my website. I have been invited to show with the Society of Designer Craftsmen in London in August 2016 and there is an article about me at under the section 'spotlight'