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I like being in Parson Cross

Listen here to I like being in Parson Cross the recently recorded song created by The Conversation Cowgirls - Jill Angood, Lyn Carruthers, Isobel Howie inspired by the Parson Cross neighbourhood and first performed at the I heart PX book launch event in February 2012 at the Parson Cross Library as part of Ania Bas' year long residecny in the neighbourhood.  

Following an invitation from Ania, Lyn attended Ania's PX Story: Summer 'Heros' event where she was inspried by listening to the Bush family's experiences of living and growing up on Parson Cross.  This led to her wanting to hear more stories and to find out what people liked about their area.  She then took part in Ania's PX STory: Autumn 'Plot' event at the Chaucer Car Boot sale.  As Lyn says: "I visited Parson Cross and had a good look around to see what I liked about being there. The thing that immediately struck me was how green the area is and how close to the countryside it is. I was also delighted by the wild flower meadows that have been sown on some of the green spaces. I took photos of these and then used them as my inspiration. I created signed limited editions of 100 potato prints using acryllic paint. I took 32 of these to the car boot sale. On the day I offered people a free copy of one of these prints if they sketched for me what they liked about being in Parson Cross. I exchanged all the prints for sketches and had many interesting conversations with people over them. I then produced a song using the words and sketches given to me by participants. I arranged the song to music and invited two friends to perform the song with me at Parson Cross Learning Zone at the invitation of Ania Bas at the Launch of PX Story In February."

Recorded at Red Tape Studios Sheffield, produced by Winona Evans and Amy Allott.
Image courtesy of Andrew Jeffery.