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Hymn to Persephone

Persephone, (depicted in the ceiling of the Great Chamber), is often simply referred to as Godess of the Underworld. But as daughter of Demeter- Godess of Fertility and Harvest, (also featured)- she also symbolised abundance and virility. Persephone was taken by Hades, to the Underworld, as a young woman and held captive there.

In trying to leave the Underworld Persephone was tricked and, as a result doomed to spend the rest of her days between two worlds. The Mortal World and the Underworld. In the 6 months Persephone was reunited with her mother Demeter nurtured mortals with bountiful harvest, but in the 6 months her daughter was away Demeter's grief overtook her and the earth was baron. This is how we come to have the seasons, the Summer and the Winter. (See the Homeric Hymn to Demeter).

Volunteering at the Youth Group I was inspired by the young women, their beauty and their strength. I have felt between two worlds throughout this Residency, two worlds that I am about to try and capture in the illustration on the jugs. They are going to be a Hymn to Persephone, inspired by two estates linked by a Matriarchal history.