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Heliya Badakhshan - New Exhibition at Exchange Place Studios

Studio holder and sculptor Heliya Badahkshan will be exhibiting her latest work at Exchange Place Studios in a very short exhibition which opens FRIDAY 19th MAY 7pm - 10pm.

Before It All Started will be open from Monday 22 to Wednesday 24 May 12pm-4pm. Just a short exhibition so make sure you make it doewn to see Heliya's colourful and other worldly pieces. We read this about Heliya after her degree show from Sheffield Hallam and thought it summed up her pieces very nicely:

What Heliya Badakhshan presented seemed unquestionably contemporary, yet on closer inspection, and having read some information about the work, her intentions seem timeless. Badakhshan states that the work is far away from traditional descriptions and is more about feeling and experience. The main thing that makes it stand out is that it requires no previous knowledge of art history in order for the viewer to take something from it. It is raw, primal and honest.

David McLeavy, Now Then Magazine