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'An Honest Pot with a Fallen Crown'

This is what the young people of Park Youth Club designed and made, (and named to reflect the changing royal heritage of the Manor area). Across one side it reads 'Believe in Other People'. Around the sides are images of the young people recreating the poses of the gods and goddesses of the Chatsworth ceiling. A grand day out looking round the House in April provided the inspiration for our decoration, the crown provides the twist in the tale. A contemporary piece of English slipware for our local archive, the pot took about 3 months of dedicated coiling, smoothing, slip and graffito work. Discussions about playing in the clay pits at Skye Edge were able to take place while we worked, and we talked about the old pottery, and my job as an Artist.

The pot is going to be fired at the Manor Kiln on Sunday 13th July from 10am- the young people have made posters letting everyone know they can come and help. The kiln will contain my new work alongside theirs and work by local Ceramic Artists Anna Mercedes Wear and Penny Withers.

It is hoped my links with Park Youth Club will be ongoing, I will continue working with them this Summer as part of a project with Sheffield University and Ignite Imaginations, and hope to begin providing further workshops for the young people at Green Estate site. However I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tracey and Jackie, wh run the Youth Club, and the young people, for making me feel very welcome at such an incredible and inspiring place. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time there, and it has been a privilege to be included in something run with such passion and integrity.