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Susana North-Bates

  • Painter
  • Printmaker
  • Mosaic

Persistence Works

Susana North-Bates works mainly within the disciplines of painting, printmaking and mosaic. She also collaborates with composers of new music, singers and writers to create multi-disciplinary performances and concerts. Her work is represented in public and private collections nationally and internationally.

Susana's multiplicity of approach enables her to evolve new ways of working, whilst maintaining her own artistic vision and identity. Each artwork is an imaginative field with its own set of rules, an unfolding process with its own internal momentum whether towards abstraction or representation.

Recurring themes in her work explore the ambiguities between the familiar and the mysterious, the universal and the particular, the highly personal and the accessible, and the intrinsic power of colour and atmosphere. Her most recent solo exhibition Sea Longing explored the evocative sense of space, place, history and mythology of the Celtic shores, inspired by imagery from traditional Gaelic song and story. The Otherworld is here, and the Beyond is within us, the source of our desires.

In addition to regular solo and group exhibitions, she delivers lectures, informal talks, workshops, performances and concerts.