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Karis Hopkinson

  • Visual Artist
  • Painter

Exchange Place Studios

Karis Hopkinson is a visual artist based in Sheffield, UK with a degree in Painting and a Masters in Fine Art. She works in a variety of media including painting, digital drawing and moving image.

Her work is a condensation of the contemporary environment filtered through a series of lenses; landscapes historic romanticism, modern life's pervading anxieties and urban/pop culture aesthetics. She is interested in communicating the overlap between written and visual language that is omnipresent in our modern environment.

Positioning the known and the recognizable in unfamiliar contexts and combinations within an image is a way of reconstructing the contemporary environment and communicating it's incongruity. At the same time this reconstruction perhaps speaks to a different and more fragmentary reality. The images are dissociated from reality and place towards something elsewhere, somewhere indeterminate.

Text forms, colour planes and ambiguous shapes overlap both each other and the landscape behind. They are at once harmonious with the natural space and constantly interrupting it, creating a visual disconnect. This disconnect, or visual jolt, creates a gap of understanding that she has come to consider as integral to the success of the image. The work is an inquiry into the gap of understanding, what is seen and not seen and what is suggested.