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Anna Kime

  • Visual Artist
  • Ceramicist

Exchange Place Studios

Sometimes she feels
like her ears are made of porcelain.

Anna Kime's sculptural practice is routed in ceramic traditions. She seeks a restrained abstraction that can retain figurative cues. Scale is important to her and provides a point of recognition. A Collar could be worn. A Cradle holds or contains.

She dug them out of the ground.
Sharp then smooth
under her fingernails.

She responds to the materials and processes she uses, creating fluid forms that retain movement and suggest tension. Surfaces give an appearance of age; of having been used and held. She thinks about everyday activity, routines and our emotional relationships to objects.

It was a shame she had to sell them.
Really she wanted to build a chapel
for herself
celebrating her profound fecundity
and all the things she had made.

Anna pairs poems or fragments of text with her sculptural work. She explores the notion of preciousness coupled with sound and listening, relating to her interest in transactional relationships and notions of care and responsibility.

Anna studied Fine Art at Chelsea School of Art and Design and University of Brighton. She completed City Lit’s Ceramics Diploma. She currently lives in Sheffield with a young family, an allotment verging on wilderness, two cats and an embarrassment of books.


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  • Address Studio G.04, Exchange Place Studios, Exchange Street, Sheffield S2 5TR