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Residency Lisa Gallacher

Lisa is our 2011 resident artist in Parson Cross.  This is her third blog entry with an update on her 'Parson X - Made to Measure' project:-

"The ‘Parson Cross: Made To Measure’ garment design stage was finalised in July and my time in the interim has been spent further designing and tweaking the Parson Cross inspired fabrics that will be used to make six of the garments.  These include Betty’s map design in cotton; Gwen’s wild-flowers in silk; ‘The Star’ newspaper headline fabric for Courtney; Anna’s ‘memory’ design in berry red (pictured); Janet’s butterfly poem satin and Lisa’s Dupion silk fabric that will remind her how she arrived in Parson Cross for the first time.

Two of these fabrics have now been digitally printed and the rest will go into production when the samples are approved. I have also been buying garment patterns for various dresses, blouses and tops, a cape, a Victorian gentleman’s frock-coat (actually much easier than you would think!), a hooded sports jacket and a tunic-style outfit.

Other than that, I’ve been sourcing complimentary fabrics to be used alongside ones already printed and also to make the remaining four outfits. ‘Convict’ stripes and love-heart tulle for Shannon; weather-proof blacks, silvers and breathable mesh for Scott’s ‘Gang of One’ jacket; ‘warm’ violet and aubergine jerseys for Anna’s dress; olive green crepe for Gwen.

Yorkshire ‘Melton’ navy wool will be used for Grant’s Parson’s coat and I have chosen lining fabric for Ian’s parka style poncho – which will be made from the blanket he rescued from a Parson Cross skip.

It’s all shaping up. Theres is still lots to do ....... but I feel I'm getting there. For anyone who likes to hear what I have been doing, I will be giving a talk on Tuesday 4th October between 5 pm and 6 pm at Persistence Works Studios. If you like to come, please let Rachael know on". Lisa Gallacher

Artist Lisa Gallacher lives and works in Glasgow and has been developing her practice to a national and international level for the past 12 years. Her work focuses on designing and creating wearable garment collections then can be seen as artworks in their own right.