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Open Studios 2018

Open Studios will be on Saturday November 17th and Sunday November 18th 2018, opening 11am-4pm both days at Persistence Works, Exchange Place Studios and Manor Oaks Studios. Download the virtual leaflet below for maps and more info.

Our annual Open Studios event is your chance to peek behind the scenes in to some of Sheffield's most creative spaces. 125 talented artists and makers will throw open their doors and invite you in to see where they make their work. It’s also your chance to get some art in your home and buy, or commission work directly from the artist. Be inspired by our Get Some Art in Your Home rooms sets in the Persistence Works Gallery.

There will be free early doors making activities, suitable for all ages, both days from 10am-12pm.

You can also book a short guided tour of Exchange Place Studios (Saturday 17th Nov) here and Persistence Works Studios (Sunday 18th Nov) here.

Artists and Makers opening up..

Manor Oaks Studios

Annette Petch – Jeweller, Becca Hopkinson – Furniture Maker, Lucas Finbarr – Furniture Maker/ Designer.

Persistence Works

Basement/ Coilin O’Dubhgaill – Silversmith, Paul Klewzyc – Furniture Design, David Allsopp – Sculptor, Brian Holland – Ceramicist, James Pyman – Drawing/ Writing, Victoria Dawes – Ceramicist, Emilie Taylor – Ceramicist.

Ground Floor/ Ryan Mosley – Painter, Alex Shimwell – Ceramicist, Robert Almond – Furniture Designer, Anna Childs – Furniture Designer, John Thatcher – Furniture Designer, Kate Orme – Sculptor, Ross Gilbertson – Sculptor, Mixed Media, David Appleyard – Designer *

First Floor/ James Spall – Illustrator *, Josephine Gomersall – Silversmith/ Jeweller, Suzanne Berry – Silversmith, Aoife White – Silversmith, Francisca Onumah – Silversmith, Daisy Lee Overton – Jeweller, Abigail Asher – Silversmith, Holly Clifford – Jeweller, Helena Russell – Silversmith, Andrew Heath – Painter/ Mosaicist, Penny Withers – Ceramicist, Sarah Waterhouse – Textile Artist, Jennie Gill – Jeweller, Anthony Bennett – Sculptor **, Hanne Westergaard – Ceramicist, Brett Payne – Silversmith.

Second Floor/ Heather Dewick – Book Binder, Keith Tyssen – Silversmith, Rebecca Joselyn – Silversmith, Bethany Stafford – Ceramicist, Charlotte Tollyfield -Silversmith, Elizabeth Handforth – Silversmith*, Kandy Diamond – Designer, Knitwear, Simon Preen – Designer, Dress Maker, Imogen Clarkstone – Silversmith, Jen Ricketts – Silversmith, Colette Bishop – Silversmith, Susana North Bates – Painter.

Third Floor/ Jo Peel – Painter/ Printmaker, Gillian Brent – Sculptor, Neil Woodall – Printmaker, Meghan Downes – Ceramicist, Carol Lambert – Painter, Kath Boyd – Stained Glass, Isobel Walker – Printmaker, Mark Howe – Photographer, Julia Spall – Jeweller.

Fourth Floor/ Seiko Kinoshita – Textiles, Pottery West, Jason Thompson – Sculptor, Coralie Turpin – Sculptor/ Mosaicist, Tim Rose – Painter, Rebecca Brown – Ceramicist, Kate Langrish Smith – Ceramicist, Carla Murdoch – Ceramicist, Rebecca Perry – Ceramicist.

Exchange Place Studios

Ground Floor/ Henk Littlewood – Furniture Designer/ Sculptor, Heliya Badakhshan – Sculptor, Sarah Villeneau – Ceramicist/ Sculptor.

First Floor/ Neil Carribine – Illustrator **, Alison Tyldesley – Painter, Sil Devilly – Textiles, Paul Dearden – Painter, Karen Davies – Mixed Media, Monika Jansk – Sculptor, Sadie Renwick – Mixed Media, Jess Petrie – Photographer **, Eleri Bates – Painter, Catherine Dee – Mixed Media, Miriam Griffiths – Textiles/Knitwear.

Second Floor/ Catherine Roisetter – Illustrator/ Painter, Chris Boland – Jeweller, Emily Thatcher – Jeweller, Claire Lee – Mixed Media, Deb Lee – Mixed Media, Myfanwy Williams – Painter/ Photographer, Natasha Lyons – Jeweller, Huw Nobel – Sculpture and Furniture, Richard Preistley – Jeweller, Deborah Smith – Jeweller, Alan Peters – Mixed Media, Lizzie Peters – Mixed Media, Kathryn Sillince – Textiles/ Illustrator/ Designer, Rezwana Sarkar – Painter/ Printmaker.

Third Floor/ Mark Gamsu – Printmaker/ Illustrator, Paula Kirby – Photographer, Gill Alderson – Mixed Media, Sue Taylor – Mixed Media, Emma Cocker – Mixed Media, Russ Young – Painter/ Sign Writer, Annie Heppell – Bookbinder, Janet Wass – Jeweller, Lea Torp Nielson – Mixed Media/ Sculptor, Lucy Ledger – Illustrator/ Mixed Media.

Fourth Floor/ Rosalind Eve – Textiles/ Mixed Media, Giles Grover - Designer/ Lazerworker, Michael Borkowsky – Mixed Media/ Painter, Sharon Mossbeck -Mixed Media/ Painter/ Textiles, Ken Grace – Mixed Media, John Wilsher – Painter, Mandy Nesbitt – Jeweller, Keith Nichols – Painter, Alison Riggott – Jeweller/ Designer, Caroline Twist – Mixed Media, Brian Daines – Painter/ Photographer/ Printmaker, Lianne Mellor – Illustrator, Michael Carter – Painter.

Fifth Floor/ Sophie Cooke – Textiles/ Milliner, John Brokenshire – Painter, Michelle Dickens – Painter, Frances Lewis – Painter/ Printmaker, Lizzy Alageswaran – Mixed Media, Krishna Alageswaran – Ceramicist, Sally Weston – Mixed Media/ Painter, Lyn Carruthers – Mixed Media, Mark Evans – Mixed Media, Mandy Gamsu – Painter/ Sculptor.

Key/ Open Saturday Only = *, Open Sunday Only = **

Photographs by Helena Dolby