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Night World

Alison J Carr:
Night World
10th September - 8th October 2022
Exchange Place Studios

Tuesday - Thursday: 10am - 4pm
Saturday: 12pm-5pm

Free entry

Alison J Carr presents Night World, an exhibition of new works on paper. With an incisive precision and tight focus on showgirls, Carr reconsiders the potential of the night. Her collages and traced paintings indulge in the unruly and often-obscured spectacles of nocturnal entertainment, celebrating the fancy, audacious, and salacious.

The works in this exhibition are both referential and self-reflecting, drawing on the found imagery of theatre and Hollywood as well as the artist’s own back catalogue. Photographs in which Carr faithfully recreates pin-ups from the past are recycled into playful collages, while vintage publicity images and stills from Carr’s dance videos provide reference poses which are conjured in watercolour as ethereal, monochromatic spectres.

Imagery is also drawn from her own dreams, creating haunting contrasts and extending her personal notion of the night world. Breaching boundaries between showing-off and reflecting, between exhibitionism and our own interior worlds, Carr positions the night as a world to be inhabited, reclaimed, and enjoyed.

Preview event
Friday 9th September 2022
6pm - 8pm, all welcome