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New Model Art Institutions & Social Engagement

 ...A 1 day event in Liverpool 23 May 2011 exploring how socially engaged visual arts practice can change individuals and communities. Artangel (London), CCA (Glasgow), FACT (Liverpool) and Grizedale (Cumbria) provide case studies offering distinctive approaches to socially engaged practice...

This was, on the face of it, just another arts related conference event where you find yourself in a room for the best part of a day listening to others talk. In actuality it was a conference style event where we did find ourselves in an auditorium for the best part of the day listening to others - but it proved to be somewhat of a turning point for Rachael Dodd Programme Manager at Yorkshire Artspace.

“Hearing from some other organisations involved in this field was informative and inspiring but it was actually the conversations and ideas that happened on the train home with Steve Pool & Kate Genever and the chats in-between workshop sessions at the event with Ania Bas that were really a catalyst for the Parson Cross Programme. It was our reaction, inspiration, provocation, irritation that sparked ideas and clarified intentions for our work in Parson Cross.” “So it is a renewed interest that I will read the study report just published arising from this conference event and also a point to pause and reflect on what has happened in Parson Cross since that day in May 2011.”

Research Report can be downloaded by clicking here