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Microgrant Update from Peter Griffiths

I am currently working on a microgrant for Yorkshire Artspace in the Castlegate area of Sheffield. This will finish with an event that will take place at the Exchange Place Studios during their Open Studio weekend in November. The grant has provided funding for me to produce a set of drawings of the architecture of the Castlegate area. It marks a new departure for me where I will focus on a number of buildings in study of a district rather than a single building.

Over the past four years I have been producing drawings of architecture. I use photographs of the subject to provide readymade shapes, textures, patterns and forms which can be appropriated, rescaled and cropped into simple motifs and then collaged into a final image that in some way redefines the original subject. These constructed collages use lines digitally extracted from the photographic images to produce the drawings. The drawings aim to find a formal aesthetic or visual taxonomic scheme in each building by focusing on certain details.

One strand of the research work has been to ask the public to contribute their own photographs which will be used to make one of the drawings. These are being submitted via the internet and will take the architecture of the whole of Sheffield as its subject. A demonstration of my working process and 50 prints of this drawing will be given away during the Open Studio event.

If you would like to submit a photograph of Sheffield, follow the link and upload your image.