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Introducing Victoria Dawes: Starter Ceramicist

How did you hear about the Starter Studio Programme?

I spent the last year as one of the Anonymous Potter Studio Fellows at the Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis, I had planned to move back to the UK after my study visa ended and found the Yorkshire Artspace by researching artists who had been through the McKnight foundations Residency at the Northern Clay Center and found the Starter Studio Programme after speaking with Mir Jansen on the phone.

Can you describe your practice?

I am interested in the decorative traditions of England and New Zealand, the countries where I grew up. In particular the Victorian Era sense of an overly ornamented life, and the iconographic marks used by the Maori people of New Zealand to create narrative patterns. Using rich red earthenware, layers of white slips and coloured underglazes, I build surfaces that have a subtle texture; carving refines the mark making and creates intricate patterns and a sense of depth across a single plane. I am interested in making pieces that are for use around the table but that can also be placed as ornaments around the home.

Where can people see your work?

I will be working towards having some work in progress for the next open studios event at Manor Oaks.