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Introducing Joanne Barlow

When did you first heard about the Starter Studio Programme for Ceramics?

I first heard about Yorkshire Artspace's Starter Studio Programme when I was exhibiting at New Designers in London.  I thought it sounded like a good spring board for early career artists. I was particularly interested in the contacts Yorkshire Artspace have with local community groups, and the sites on which their studios are located due to their historical and social significance.

Can you decribe your practice?

I intend to apply theoretical research I have undertaken during my Ceramics BA and MA at Cardiff School of Art and Design, to a variety of cultural and site-specific projects during my two year starter programme. We spend our lives negotiating, attempting to make sense of the ‘things’ that surround us, whether ‘they’ are objects, environments, happenings or other people. Our identity emerges from all of this sense-making, and with it our desire to express both our individuality and place within the world. Our fundamental need to communicate, how and what we exchange, is of great interest to me.

As an artist I am inevitably concerned with the business of communication, and I strive through a variety of materials, techniques and locations, to explore this subjects many facets. The Manor Lodge site in particular will provide the perfect base for project development, given the opportunities it will present to utilise its diverse social history and its current engagement with local communities.

When and where can people see your work?

I will be taking part in the Yorkshire Artspace Open Studio even on Saturday 16th November and will be displaying some of my recent work, as well working on clay, sewing and video projects, throughout the course of the day.