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Improvise Wood: Sticks and Zeroes

Sticks and Zeroes

An exhbition at Exchange Place Studios, 2nd - 9th December.

Catherine Dee, an artist at Exchange Place Studios, has recently held an exhibition called Sticks and Zeroes. Her exhibition creates a sense of the outdoors, indoors. Using many shapes and forms and parts of trees, the light and dark and shadows created show diverse forms and figures.

Catherine is an artist and landscape architecture academic, actively combined art practice, and does academic writing. The focus of her work in this exhibition is trees as a vital medium for urban environmental and cultural health. “Dee aims to prompt consideration of a contemporary culture of trees, inflected by loss.” She has done this by finding twigs or cutting them, branches and tree stems and adding light and dark features to them.


“Zeroes is a collective piece of artwork that anyone can join, to help the environment by planting or keeping tree wilderness in every day environments. The word ZERO is referring to the form of these wildernesses, and to the contributions trees make through carbon sequestration towards ZERO carbon for global health.”

To find out more about how to make a ZERO please click here.