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Fay Jenkinson ceramic jewellery

How did you experience your first year at Yorkshire Artspace? What was difficult? What was fantastic? The Starter Studio programme has been an invaluable experience so far. Being accepted after graduating last year has allowed me to continuously develop my designs. I have had the availability of unlimited access to equipment and the benefit of a fantastic atmosphere in a shared studio environment. In addition the extensive network I am forming in relation to Yorkshire Artspace, with the other artist and designers at the studios. The programme really has aided in the development of my work enabling me to create an individual identity throughout my designs.

How do you think you have benefited from the support you have been given by Yorkshire Artspace? Yorkshire Artspace is a highly recognised organisation and the association has benefited me and my practice. The opportunities which have arisen through the involvement with Yorkshire Artspace; such as The Jewellery Day, have proved beneficial towards my business goals in showing my work to a wider audience. In addition to the chance to be involved with Yorkshire Artspace’s renowned open studios. Studio 4 at Manor Oaks has become my home from home, with the three other talented designers I share it with. It has such an inviting atmosphere, fully equipped with two kilns and plenty of space to create my designs. Not to mention our lovely neighbour Susan Disley who has been very helpful in our practical sessions with her wealth of knowledge and experience. I have also had the pleasure to share the studio with Edith Garcia as she completed her residency, which was interesting to see an established designer maker at work. If there are ever any problems relating any matter Mir Jansen the programme manager is always available to speak. Overall I feel I am being supported by Yorkshire Artspace and the programme. In addition to not only forming working relationships with the other designers I am associated with, but friendships through which I get not just practical advice and support but also emotional.

What are your aims for your final year? My final year will be intense; I am exhibiting at a variety of shows ranging from The Great Northern to Made London, which will allow me to increase the display of my work to a wider audience and reach my target audience. I plan to further develop my design expanding my range of products. There is also the matter that I am now in the public eye, I need to ensure I am presenting my work appropriately, through a way in which showcases the designs. In addition I need a strong online presence, which involves updating my website and starting a blog. I have also just been involved with the Hothouse programme through the Crafts Council, through which I have been taught a large amount of business techniques which I need to put into practice.A lot to keep myself busy but with support of Yorkshire Artspace and the great network of contemporaries which is expanding I believe all will be achievable.