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PX Scratch Cards

“There’s a saying round here, 'if I win the lottery, the only thing you’ll see is my bum disappearing round the corner' Its about getting off this estate see” this quote from Dave a Parson Cross resident inspired Olivia Punnett to make PX Stratch Cards: Silver Linings  

Oliva Punnett currnetly in year 2 on our Engaged Practice Starter Studoi Programme has been devloping this new work in repsonse to her time in the Parson Cross neighbourhood.

These are images placed around the community that are magnetic. Metal filings sit on the top, creating a grey scratch card look. Metal is used because that’s the industry the houses on the Parson Cross Estate where made to support. That’s why I have used a traditional material from the area. What if the ‘escape’ was right where you are? Art is a new perspective, a glimpse of something, and the glimpses of what I see as charming in Parson cross are what I am sharing in these works. The images used for PX Scratch Cards are taken from images I’ve made during my residency For Yorkshire Artspaces Starter Studio Programme, at SOAR Works. The cards will be placed around and about for people to reveal. Underneath the metal on each one is the fantastical escape rout to Parson Cross!