Open Studios 2017 - list of artists taking part

Please find list of artists opening their studios below. This list is correct at time of writing but is subject to change. If you are travelling to see a particular artist, it is advisable to contact them directly for confirmation.

You can find links to artists websites and contact details on our artist directory on our website. You can search via name, building and via discipline.

Persistence Works Studios

David Allsopp, Sculptor

Robert Almond, Furniture Design

Joel Barton, Painter, Drawing, Sculptor (Friday only)

Suzanne Berry, Silversmith

Colette Bishop, Silversmith

Kath Boyd, Stained Glass

Anna Childs, Furniture Designer

Imogen Clarkstone, Silversmith

Rachael Clegg, Painter, Photographer

Victoria Dawes Ceramics

Heather Dewick, Book binder

Kandy Diamond, Designer, Knitwear

Meghan Downs, Ceramics

Paul Evans, Painter

Ross Gilbertson, Sculptor Mixed Media

Jennie Gill, Jeweller

Josephine Gomersall, Silversmith

Elizabeth Handforth, Silversmith

Andrew Heath, Painter

Brian Holland, Ceramicist

Andrew Hunt, Painter

Rebecca Joselyn, Silversmith

Seiko Kinoshita, Textiles

Paul Klewzyc, Furniture Design

Giles Kozdon, Silversmith

Carol Lambert, Mixed Media

Daisy Lee Overton, Silversmith

Ruth Levene, Video, perform installation

Susana North-Bates, Painter

Francisca Onumah, Silversmith

Kate Orme, Sculptor

Jo Peel, Painter/printmaker/Urban (Sat and Sun only)

David Powell, Designer/Maker

James Pyman, Drawing/Writing

Victoria Radcliffe, Silversmith

Darren Richardson, Sculptural Furniture

Jennifer Ricketts, Silversmith

Tim Rose, Painter

Alex Shimwell, Ceramicist

James Spall, Illustrator

Julia Spall, Stained Glass

Emilie Taylor, Ceramicist

John Thatcher, Furniture Design

Jason Thomson, Sculptor

Charlotte Tollyfield, Silversmith

Coralie Turpin, Sculptor/Mosaicist

Keith Tyssen, Precious Metal

Isobel Walker, Print Maker

Sarah Waterhouse, Textile artist

Catherine West, Ceramicist

Matt West, Ceramicst

Hanne Westergaard, Ceramicist

Aoifa White, Silversmith

Penny Withers, Ceramicist

Neil Woodall, Print Maker

Exchange Place Studios

Lizzy Alageswaran, Mixed media

Krishna Alageswaran, Ceramicist

Gill Alderson, Mixed media (Saturday only)

Heliya Badakhshan, Sculptor

Eleri Bates, Painter

Linda Baxter, Printmaker/ Textiles

Chris Boland, Jeweller

John Brokenshire, Painter

Samantha Bryan, Mixed media/ sculptor

Debra Burrell, Stained Glass (Sat and Sun afternoons only)

Debbie Carlisle, Jeweller

Neil Carribine, Mixed media

Lyn Carruthers, Mixed media

Michael Carter, Painter

Emma Cocker, Mixed media (Sunday only)

Sophie Cooke, Textiles, milliner

Brian Daines, Painter, photographer, printmaker

Karen Davies, Mixed media

Paul Dearden, Painter

Catherine Dee, Mixed media

Sil Devilly, Textiles

Michelle Dickens, Painter

Scott Dulsen, Photographer, Film maker

Mark Evans, Mixed media

Rosalind Eve, Textiles, mixed media

Jenny Fortune, Mixed media

Mark Gamsu, Printmaker, illustrator

Mandy Gamsu, Painter, sculptor

Ken Grace, Mixed media

Giles Grover, Designer, lazerworker

Annie Heppell, Bookbinder

Neal Heppleston, Instrument maker

Paula Kirby, Photographer

Becky Kitching, Jeweller

Claire Lee, Sculptor, mixed media, installations

Deb Lee, Mixed media

Frances Lewis, Painter, printmaker

Henk Littlewood, Furniture designer, sculptor (Saturday only)

Natasha Lyons, Jeweller

Kieran May, Fine art

Lianne Mellor, Illustrator

Mandy Nesbitt, Jeweller

Keith Nichols, Painter

Alan Peters, Mixed media

Lizzie Peters, Mixed media

Jess Petrie, Photographer

Richard Priestley, Jeweller

Rosie Reed Hillman, Photographer, film maker

Sadie Renwick, Ceramicist, Film maker, Mixed media, sculptor, painter, photographer, performance

Alison Riggott, Jeweller, Designer

Rezwana Sarkar, Painter, printmaker

Kathryn Sillince, Textiles, illustrator, designer

Deborah Smith, Jeweller

Lucy Smith-Jones, Photography video

Diana Storey, Mosaic

Patrick Stratford, Instrument maker

Emily Thatcher, Jeweller

Gill Thewlis, Textiles

Lee Thompson, Photographer

Gemma Thorpe, Photographer/ filmaker

Robert Twigg , Photographer, film maker

Caroline Twist, Mixed media

Alison Tyldesley, Painter

Sarah Villeneau, Ceramicist, sculptor

Janet Wass, Jeweller

Amanda Wells, Mixed media

Myfanwy Williams, Painter, photographer

John Wilsher, Painter

Manor Oaks Studios

Sophie Lester- Ceramics

Bethany Stafford- Ceramics

Matt Calder- Ceramics

Rebecca Brown- Ceramics

Annette Petch- Jeweller

Becca Hopkinson- Furniture

Finbarr Lucas- Furniture maker/designer

Anna Mercedes Wear- Ceramicist