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Laced: adjective used to describe something, or someone, who is very put-together, has their game on tight, looks good, nice clothes, nice jewelry, nice car, has money, fancy, bling-bling…etc. (Urban Dictionary)

It was a privilege to be introduced to the collection of textiles at Chatsworth by Susie Stokoe, Head of Textiles at the House.  Her enthusiasm for the history of constructed textiles I found particularly enthralling. The way weaving, tapestry and lace making were gifted, worn or displayed held enormous significance in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, representing power and status, and often demonstrating a direct link to royalty.

I have arranged to go back to the Textile studios/ rooms/ department in November to spend time studying and drawing a panel of Sixteenth Century lace. Very delicate and (now) fragile, structure and skilled craftsmanship have ensured it has held together for over five hundred years. The lace would have demonstrated the wealth and power, or social strength, of the woman who commissioned its making.

The aesthetic quality of the lace reminds me of porcelain, and further comparisons can be found when considering porcelains fragile and simultaneously strong material qualities. I will experiment with using porcelain to create pattern, and join this refined and expensive clay body with the buff stoneware of the land, an 'every day clay' that I more commonly use to create my pots.