Encountering Space Exhibition

Recently we have had an Encountering Space Exhibition at Exchange Place Studios.

The Encountering Space exhibition showed a selection of work by two artists; Claire Lee and Jillian Lewis. Claire’s work showed a delicate metal work raised in different light angles to create illusions on the white walls of exchange place. Using different light to show such intricate wiring techniques creating and forming greater shapes and shadows.

Whilst Jillian’s metal work again creates a great impression. The work was on ground level, involving darker metals showing an opposite side of encountering space through heavier materials. Involving sound helps to create a certain atmosphere getting an overall impression for the whole exhibit together. A great contrast between the heavier metal and the lighter pieces.

Visitors comments are: "As always a thought provoking exhibition.”

“Great exhibition; love the foghorn sound and the lighting set up really sets off the pieces. Love the shadows.”

“Striking, resonant and beautiful.”

The exhibition shows a well-planned layout of artwork in a rather different style to what I would usually expect at exhibitions. I would defiantly recommend a visit to more exhibitions at Exchange Place Studios.